Penske Truck Leasing

Landscape Supplies

We have everything from sand to large boulders

Call us if you have any questions about equipment or rentals.

Location: 45 W 3800 N Hyde Park, UT 84318

Phone #: (435) 563-8008

Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM Sat 8AM-3PM Closed Sunday

All of our products other than the large boulders are measured by skid-steer scoop, which is the equivalent to 2/3 of a yard. Pricing on all items varies so check inside before getting loaded.

We have a variety of sand and soil products on hand. We have your standard sandy loom (basic sandy dirt), play ground sand, as well as soil prep products. We offer a standard soil prep, basic compost dirt, and top soil plus.

We try to keep on hand your basic types of bark which is play ground bark, medium size bark, and large size bark. Our custom bark is yellow, red, and black. The custom colors are based on availability so call ahead of time.

The gravel that we offer ranges in price and size. We have your standard 1" to 1 1/4" gravel and go up to 4" to 6" boulders. These are also based on availability so call ahead of time.

Our boulder range in types and sizes. Most of what we have is guillotine cut. We have almost anything from flag stone, quartz, sandstone, to river rocks. If your looking for specific size or type come see what we can do for you.