Penske Truck Leasing

Costume Rentals & Sales

If we don't have it you won't find it at Halloween City or any where else.

Call us if you have any questions about equipment or rentals.

Location: 45 W 3800 N Hyde Park, UT 84318

Phone #: (435) 563-8008

Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM Sat 8AM-3PM Closed Sunday

If you have been in before you know how large our selection has grown to. We are always adding to this to give the best variety and ideas to complete just about every costume idea you may have in mind. Wanna be a gangster, 3 musketeer, escaped con, Nacho Libre, or a flapper? We have all of that


Our purchase selection isn't as big as we would like but that's because we don't like the cheap material that it is made of. We believe in costumes made for more than one use. So if its a purchase you want we have a good selection but not nearly as good as our rental side.

Want a new hair dew, got that cover as well. We have a huge selection of rental wigs that come in almost any variety from mad scientist to princess and almost anything else you could imagine. We also have a wide range of purchase wigs and hair paint as well.

Feel like adding a bolt, scar, or glass to your look. Maybe your feeling like a zombie or wolf man this year. Come see what we have for our silicon props, they are updated yearly. We also have cosmetic contacts available for purchase too.